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Kids Savings Account

Banking With Excellent

What's a Kids Savings Account

A fee-free savings account that puts them first. Opening a savings account for your child is a good move for several reasons. Besides offering a safe home for the college fund, the best accounts also offer ways for kids to start learning sound financial habits.

The Online Radius Bank Kids Savings Account offers a great combination of high interest rate and educational features that give teens a chance to practice actual money management. This account not only carries an interest rate of 1.00% APY, it also gives your child an online account for checking the balance, making deposits and tracking their expenses. And since an adult is required to act as the joint account-holder, the account also strikes a balance between independent learning and parent supervision.


Both you and your teen will be able to manage the account through Online Radius Bank's convenient online banking platform. In addition, Online Radius Bank also operates hundreds of branches, supplementing the online experience if you prefer brick-and-mortar banking.

A kid-friendly account with grown-up features.

  •   High Interest
  •   No Fees or Minimums
  •   Automatic Savings Plans
  •   Available in $1 minimum Capital Educational Savings IRA accounts